Catapulted by the Welsh Government agenda and the Integrated Care Fund, the profile and focus on Social Value is at an all-time high! Transformational change is happening right here, right now! Be part of it!

Social Value Forums are now a requirement under the Social Services and Well Being Wales Act 2014 through which Welsh Government introduced a duty on local authorities and local health boards to promote the development of social value organisations in their area.

The aim is to collaborate to achieve real positive change in people’s lives, particularly people in need of support.

Heidi Bennett CEO of BAVO added “We are mindful the term wellbeing can mean different things to different people, so there is also a need to really listen and engage with people, and this is something we are all committed to doing through the Social Value Forum! 

"Changing what we do, or how we do it can make a big difference to the wellbeing of local service users and citizens and we need to make sure that we understand the impact and bring about positive changes." 

| Making it work: Rachel Rowlands: Cwm Taf Regional Partnership Board Chair |

| Co-production and Social Value (learning exchange): Simon James, CEO, Interlink |

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